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I drink to help me sleep 

I really need to stop drinking :/ 

That guitar solo in Another Brick In The Wall tho!

Cunts. Cunts everywhere. 

I love how the doctors haven’t got back to me. Even though they said I need immediate help. NHS are bunch of bastards.  

Most kids know what it’s like to have Grandparents around. I have one remaining grandparent and do you know what? She couldn’t care less about us. I’m sick of seeing everyone moan about not getting money from their grand parents for christmas and birthdays. And then there’s me that moans at the fact my grand mother doesn’t even give me the time of fucking day to see what is going on in my life, how i’m coping. There’s no one in my family I can go to for advice or a shoulder to cry on. I’ve gone through so much on my own, and no one even fucking realises. I fucking hate my life. Sick of being alone. 


I’m so sad, but I can’t cry.

You’re good with words, and I’m fucking chronic